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Translation and interpreting services

"PROFIT-GROUP Rafal Piasta" provides professional translation and interpreting services in Poland and abroad since 2007. In our teams all services are provided by native translators from Poland  and/or from abroad. We are specialized mainly in technical translations and interpreting for industry sectors.

  • Free tests of about 300 words are usually accepted, to earn customer trust,
  • All jobs are handled by native translators,
  • Translators and revisers go through verification process before approval,
  • All requirements of the international standard PN/EN 15038 are met,
  • Daily performance of our team consisting of maximum 5 translators is 10 000 words per working day.

Means for quality assurance include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing and confirming customer orders only when we are able to provide a service at the expected quality level, on time,
  • Professional Translation Style Guides, CAT and QA tools, which support our translators in assuring a consistency and achieving a high level of quality of translations,
  • Translation Procedure,
  • QA reports on the quality of translation,
  • Professional Guidelines for translators and revisers.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to the following fields: business and law, finance, computers and IT, marketing, medicine and medical equipment, engineering and technology (technical translation and interpretation).


DAGERETS – our domains of specialization and general requirements for vendors.

Acronyms of domains of specialization and the general requirements of the organization "PROFIT-GROUP Rafal Piasta" regarding the translations which are a subject of delivery to us according to Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) specified in our DSQP Policy.
1. To be approved a correct and precise translation is required with no critical or significant errors. The translation will be a subject of our evaluation according to our DSQP Policy. According to our DSQP Policy, the Acceptable Quality Levels for translations supplied to our organization "PROFIT-GROUP Rafal Piasta" are as follows: 2, 3, 4 and 5. In case of AQL levels 4 and 5, our Vendors can be sure that "PROFIT-GROUP" will not use any deduction from the remuneration of the Vendor specified in our PO. In case of meeting all requirements specified in our contract (PO - Purchase Order), the renumeration will be paid with no deduction.

Any deductions may be used only in such case, when it is necessary to cover those costs of the corrective actions which are necessary to assure a required level of quality of the translation which we have to deliver to the customer on time. Such deduction should be specified in the PO, e-mail of our customer or our e-mail correspondence, acknowledged and accepted by the Owner of "PROFIT-GROUP Rafal Piasta" or by a responsible representative, such as our PM specified in the PO. Every PO which is accepted, should be registered – stored in a safe place in the VPMS and/or on a hard disc of a user's computer/server as an evidence of approved/accepted by "PROFIT-GROUP Rafal Piasta".

2. Translators and verifiers are responsible for using our Translation Procedure, which is available on this website – our Internet Platform in English and Polish.

Short names of DOMAINS OF SPECIALIZATION; to be used within our projects:

LS – LAWS (business and laws documents – agreements – contracts, codes, etc.), 
FE – FINANCE (financial translations),
IT – Information Technology (hardware, software, IT systems),
MG – MARKETING (marketing documents and marketing texts),
ME – MEDICINE (medicine and medical equipment),
EG – ENGINEERING and technologies (technical translations – manuals, technical specifications, patent descriptions, etc.)
GA – GAMING (all for gaming industry – software, hardware, agreements, documents, etc.),
OR – other domains of specialization.

Our Vendors – Contractors, to be qualified and approved, have to register their domains of specialization in our system – VPMS (Vendor & Project Management System) and we perform our process of vetting and approval on a basis of provided documents and verification of a translation sample.

All users of VPMS are asked to place our reference tender number "REFTER..." in the VPMS, when submitting their bid to a specific project announced by us.

If you are a vendor – sub-supplier and want to submit your bid to a specific project – REFTER, please notify us additionally by e-mail to our relevant person – NSID and with a copy to

Professional translators and proofreaders are always needed and welcome! Join us just now!
Please complete your user profile in our database – VPMS, and join us just now!

IMPORTANT! When filling out your details, please use only English alphabet letters in VPMS – this helps us to search for vendors/sub-suppliers - contractors for specific projects. Any other characters may not display correctly, which can make it difficult to search and retrieve information in VPMS.

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